Dynamic Text Wordpress plugin

Dynamic Text WordPress Plugin

This is a plugin I recently developed for WordPress. It allows content to be dynamically swapped in WordPress website pages based on the domain used to reach the site. For example, if you have one website currently intended for a US audience but want to have basically the same website in terms of the look and feel but with different content intended for an audience from another country, then usually you would wind up having to build two separate websites or would otherwise have to know enough PHP to be able to write your own functions and dynamically swap the content. My plugin lets everyone include this kind of functionality in their WordPress site, regardless of whether or not they have any coding ability. It is essentially a plugin that enables localization functionality in WordPress, for those familiar with the term.

As an example of usage, if you owned the website thisismytest.us and wanted to also have thisismytest.uk, you can build just one website, point both domains at this site, and use this plugin to swap out your content as needed between the two domains. You simply set your domains in the plugin admin page, and then put your content between the short code snippets associated with the domains you set. All of this is explained in detail on the admin page for the plugin along with usage examples to make it extremely easy for anyone to implement.

At the moment this plugin allows for up to 4 domains in total for one website, although I intend to further flesh out the logic in the future with the goal of allowing for an unlimited number of domains. The reason I decided to develop this plugin is that I was working on a WordPress-based website and I found myself needing the sort of functionality that this plugin provides. While I was able to code the functionality for myself, I was surprised to see at the time that no plugins existed already offering similar logic. I figured I’d rectify that by creating the plugin on my own and once that was done I released it on wordpress.org.