Hi, I’m Stephen Mullen, and I am an entrepreneurial website developer who enjoys and excels at turning ideas and concepts into a reality. I create high quality products and provide high quality services. Bringing new concepts and endeavors to fruition and solving problems are my specialties and I always maintain focus to accomplish goals as efficiently as possible.

I currently work out of Beverly and Haverhill, on the North Shore of Massachusetts. I have a degree in computer science and originally started my technology career in technical support. In fact, I was an IT support specialist for years, and spent that time resolving issues ranging from hardware troubleshooting and repair to both remote and in-house software troubleshooting, as well as some systems administration with networking and Microsoft Windows based servers. Partway through my time as a support specialist, I became involved in a number of side projects and equity partnerships for startups. Around this time I started working with a lot of local Massachusetts developers on various websites and initially handled both project management and content for a number of these projects. I was also the guy who’d formulate and write up our business plans, strategies, and even the logic for varying business systems with these teams. I went to meetings to pitch potential investors for the projects that needed them too, as one of my partners was great with sales but wanted someone along who had technical expertise.

Over time I found that I especially enjoyed working with the developers on projects, and I began taking more of an interest in getting further involved with the websites I was working with. At first I started more with content, and eventually incorporated SEO knowledge I learned from a couple of SEO experts I had the pleasure of working with on various projects. I also started picking up some experience with Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for graphic design work. I then began gaining more front-end website development skills, initially with HTML and CSS, and then more recently with JavaScript and the JQuery framework. I also picked up a back-end skill set with PHP and MySQL knowledge that is continuously growing. I’m familiar with CMS systems like WordPress, and as of late I’ve also had the pleasure of working with a number of custom, hand-coded systems in addition to CMS platforms.

At this point in my career I have worked with teams, and I have also built entire websites on my own, just like this portfolio website and some of the more recent projects showcased here. Some of my skills have come from good teachers, but many of them are self-taught as I am always pushing myself to learn more. I’m also still fairly early on in my development career, in spite of how it may seem with the above history. I like gaining new skills and growing current ones, so I always try to fill as much of my time as I can with projects. In addition to the sites I have showcased in my portfolio, I have also worked on a number of ecommerce sites for Blue Vase Marketing, including such sites as shop.naturalknowledge247.com and pawvites.com.

At the moment I am in the market for both full-time work and freelance, deadline-based projects. If you’re looking for someone with my skill set, please head on over to my contact page and send me a message. If you’re looking to have a particular project done and already have the full scope of it in mind, send me the details and I will be happy to provide you with a quote. If you would like to schedule time to speak with me at length about your project or work opportunity, please let me know your general availability for a call or meeting.